2019 Goalsssss

January 01, 2019

Every year we do this and it might be my favorite time of the year. It gives me the chance to dream about about my own goals but also the chance to see where my close friends and family are in their own dreams and expectations of themselves. So without too many words here it is…in no specific order

  1. Take care of ME!

Pretty sure this should be self explanatory but for the past 6+ years I have put myself last and it’s time for that to stop. This means giving myself quiet time away from all the little people around me. The ability to indulge in things like sitting down while eating, drinking a full cup of coffee, reading an adult book instead of a children’s book, doing some physical activity that doesn’t involve a stroller, stealing my husbands car for a joyride, taking a shower without people barging in, and maybe watching a show that I want for a change.

  1. Finish my kitchen

It’s been a year since I started ripping wallpaper off the walls that then cascaded into hiring a contractor to redo the floors and build/install a few other items for us. I worked extremely hard to paint the cabinets, walls, and even drilled new hardware into all 24 cabinets. It took such hard work with little ones always asking to help that I gave myself the last 6 months off. Anyways, there is still lots of touch ups, trim to paint, shades to hang, and the little details to flesh out. I only pray it doesn’t take another year to finish.

  1. 10,000 steps a day

I just got a new fitbit for Christmas and it is already incredibly motivating. During the Winter I go through the typical hibernation cycle and could care less about physical activity. But then the sun starts shining, the shorts come out, and I am always mad that I never did anything in those dark winter months. This is a new goal to get me moving…whether its running the steps of my house ten times in a row, dancing while folding laundry, or just plan running in circles around the house I am going to do it.

  1. Read 26 books

I had this as one of my goals a few years back and I loved it. Reading became so much fun and I looked forward to it every evening. I have had two kids since then and my evenings have become exhausted races to bed without the pleasure of a good book. Hopefully that will change, so send recommendations this way.

  1. Run across the Bay Bridge

I have done the Bethany Beach duathlon twice now and decided I needed a year off and a new challenge. While this race isn’t as hard as the duathlon, as I am reminded by my husband, I am hoping to set some sort of time goal to accomplish it in and push myself. Who knows, maybe I will be crazy enough to do the Bethany Beach half marathon too?

  1. Visit Bud once a month

This may seem like a silly goal to visit my Grandfather once a month but I have noticed how easy it is for life to get in the way.

  1. Open Maeve & Co. for business

I started the idea of running my own business to provide expecting moms with prepackaged bags to take with them to the hospital back in September. Since then I am halfway through the process of setting it up, picking products, marketing, and working on all of the logistics. I hope to be ready to open the online business in the first quarter of the year and go from there.

  1. Meal plan like a boss

I am so tired of randomly throwing food on plates for my kids and then separately cooking a dinner of also random food for my husband and I. For the past two weeks I have been doing some meal planning and it has been amazing. So amazing in fact, that I have found time to cook healthy meals that also gives me leftovers. A win win. I can only hope the momentum stays strong and I can keep it up.

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