2024 Goals

January 05, 2024

It’s another year and another set of goals. 2023 was a pretty banner year for me as I set a whopping 35 goals and accomplished 18 of them. Some may look at this and say “Wow, you just barely accomplished over half of your goals” I look at this as a complete victory considering some of these goals were not easy. It takes a long time to read over 45 books and a whole lot of sweat to complete 121 strength workouts all while road tripping the US for 3 weeks which totally took me out of my routine and comfort zone and something that I ended up loving.

Goals 2024

  • Make $15,000 with Room by Room
  • Plan a fun date outing with Greg
  • Continue meal planning
  • Attend mass at the Heights
  • Make $13,000 again at the Scholastic book fair
  • Join/create a book club
  • Learn how to put eyeliner on
  • Relearn how to back into parking spaces
  • Lift 10lb min weights, average of 15lb and use the 20lb once every workout
  • Plan overnight trip to Boston to see Megan
  • Design 10yr house plan for 919
  • Drive to Mclean, Va
  • Create online checklist for decluttering that people can buy and print
  • Redesign side garden at 9519
  • Read 50 books
  • Put face lotion on everyday
  • Invisalign/ortho consult
  • Attend weekday mass once a month
  • One month of moving my body 30mins every day
  • Sober February
  • Eat way less Sugar
  • Hike the Narrows
  • 500 total peloton rides= 50 more
  • 462 total peloton strength workouts= 200 more
  • Increase clean eating with vegetables
  • Clean bathrooms more often
  • Clean basement carpet
  • Attend one social event- Heights
  • Create master bedroom dream closet
  • Not be afraid of every social gathering
  • Call my sisters more
  • Go go karting with my kids
  • Visit Arlington National Cemetery
  • Hang artwork in our homes that we bought
  • Stretch and prevent crippling sciatic pain
  • Find ways to encourage independence with Maggie
  • Stikwood wall beach laundry room
  • Cook more.
  • Wear all of my clothes
  • Drive Slower
  • Show my husband that I love him

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