We Made It!

June 30, 2023

We made it to California for one of the best weddings ever!!! Our drive took 8 hours instead of the expected 6 but we took a much better route for our RV and we couldn’t be more thankful for the heads up from several other family members. We arrived in Bishop, California to 100 degrees and a very sweet home in the downtown area that was lent to us by some dear friends. All of us were so relieved to have some space and a house with three bathrooms was a delight!

Greg’s cousin Tess was getting married and she hosted a Friday night picnic dinner at a local park in Bishop for everyone to get together and meet each other. It was a wonderful casual night minus one kid falling off the monkey bars and somehow bending her earring in her ear and another kid getting serious monkey bar blisters. The other kiddo (you can guess who) escaped unscathed and enjoyed the swings immensely. We had a great time watching the sunset over the mountains and catching up with Gregs family, something we don’t get to do much.

Saturday started like Greg’s favorite Saturdays do. Breakfast at a sweet little bakery that has the best Belgian waffles I have ever tasted and a bookstore. The day then continued with one of the kids favorite activities, pool time!! We found a hot spring 10 minutes away that was built in 1919 and was refilled with hot spring water every week. They sprayed cool water over the pool to cool us all down on these record breaking temp days. After the kids got sunburned and exhausted we headed back to the house to change for the big wedding.

We headed up 4000 feet from 100 degrees and in 20 mins we were at 8500 feet elevation and 60 degrees. The change in temperature was wild and very welcome. The snow melt was pouring down the mountain in creeks alongside the wedding venue and everything was lush and green. We could still see snow up on the mountains just above us! The wedding was everything you could dream of: small, intimate, comfortable, and FUN! The dance floor was constantly full and the desserts and s’mores stations were top notch.

The sweet kiddos crashed about 45 minutes before the big yellow school bus was scheduled to take us back down the mountain so Greg and I both had a kid in our arms and Addy fell asleep in a corner on some comfy carpets. Needless to say we let everyone sleep in the next morning

Greg bravely took the wheel on Sunday and drove our RV up the mountain to a wonderful farewell brunch. It wasn’t so scary going up but the kids told me it would be best for daddy if I sat in the back. Apparently I tend to make noises when I am scared of his driving and grab the handle on the door when we go around tight turns. We said our goodbyes to family and started the trek down the mountain at an 8% grade, the steepest we have encountered yet, and headed for Tahoe,

Bishop and Aspendell you were beautiful in your own unique way and we certainly enjoyed you but it’s on to our last destination In California: Lake Tahoe!!!

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