Hello Sunny Idaho!

July 11, 2023

We decided to ditch Tahoe a day early and head for a Natural Hot Springs in Idaho. It was a unanimous decision from everyone to leave early. Greg and I packed everything the night before and set our alarms for 530am. Sleepy kids were carried to the RV and promptly fell back asleep so Greg and I could start the journey towards a much better place for our family and a new state. We hadn’t planned to go to Idaho but boy are we glad we did. The land from mountainous snowy Tahoe transitioned very quickly to flat green fields of crops.

We rolled through the massive fields of potatoes and into a beautiful campground on the evening of the 4th. As usual, the kids were in their suits before we parked and ran to the hot springs that were built in 1926. This hot springs had two diving boards and a waterslide. The kids were in Heaven. Addy went down so many times (each time with a smile) that she got blisters on her hands from holding the mat. Eric decided that waterslides without the mat made him even faster. They had each perfected their own style. A bunch of teenagers had arrived at the pool in the evening when we did our late night swim and started judging Eric on his performances off the diving board. He was tickled when he got a 10 on his simplest trick: The cannonball. I couldn’t stop giggling as the movie Sandlot is my favorite and I felt like we were on the set of the movie at this retro pool. The main character Squints/Eric was about to dive off the diving board in the deep end and he can’t swim just to get saved by the beautiful lifeguard. Eric and Addy had a blast going off the springboard and the high dive and I don’t think they would have done the 4th any differently.

Maggie was a happy little clam in her 3 feet section and she is becoming a swimming fool. She must be within 1 foot of us because - let’s be honest - she lets the panic set in real fast if she isn’t with us but she is getting much better. We are all happy that most of her anxiety and worries seemed to have faded on this trip. It was rough going in the beginning but she is trying very hard to be independent and take care of herself.

We had a great 4th even though it wasn’t our typical in Bethany or the one we had planned in Tahoe. We managed to see a few fireworks in the evening and we were very grateful for our little RV and the solitude it gave us.

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