A Little Bit Of Chalk Paint And Some Vision

November 09, 2017

It’s time for a little change of pace and to show you some of the fun things I have been working on. As you know, Greg and I are determined to try and do this beach house thing on a budget while also making the house look pretty killer. It’s certainly a work in progress since my kids have gotten the decorating/rearranging bug as well and are always moving things around.

Here was my first project. This was very much a hand me down coffee table from my grandmother. It was a beautiful cherry wood but once I found our kids dancing on it and scratching it up I knew it was destined for another life.

​ ​ I went to Home Depot in search of the much talked about Chalk Paint. Unfortunately, Home Depot does not have a big selection and I took the only white one they had. Thank goodness I am not that picky and it turned out to be pretty much what I wanted.

I hand-sanded the piece for about two seconds and then after realizing it was too much work I just went to town and started painting. I used a brush and it dried very fast. Little note…don’t paint in the hot sun! It was also a windy day and I had a few leaves stuck to the table that i had to pick off.

From here I went to the fabric store and picked out some material that would be pretty durable to kids and sandy bottoms. I bought some 1 inch foam for padding and at 11pm at night I got a staple gun and went to work. This project probably would have been a little easier had I gotten a little help, but I was on my own so I did what I could. I put a podcast on and started stapling away.

And now you see it! I did a little extra painting on the inside drawer in a complementary blue with some random paint samples we had around the house. Pretty sure thats going to be the family sock drawer as I plan to keep shoes underneath and make this our mudroom bench. I finished it off with some more hand sanding and I love it.

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