Casey, Illinois

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It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Casey, Illinois and we are on the road again to our next destination of Topeka, Kansas. We have a stop planned in St. Louis to visit Greg’s aunts, have lunch, and do a little grocery shopping for the items we missed.

We arrived in Casey yesterday which is known as the small town of big things. We saw a giant pair of deer antlers but missed the giant rocking chair, tricycle, wind chime, and pitchfork. We stayed right off I-70 in a great campground that endeared themselves to our kids hearts when they gave us free popsicles and had an amazing pool. The kids barely let Greg park the RV before they tore out in their suits and jumped in the pool. As you can guess, I wasn’t far behind them either.

We also arrived to a wonderful mobile mechanic in Casey that helped us fix our generator. During a lunch break stop yesterday we tried the generator and nothing happened. No tears, no shouting, but more like “eeeek we need this” for our stay in Moab, UT when we have no hookup to electric and temps of 100 are expected during the day. After an hour and many discussions with our mechanic, they discovered that the solenoid for the propane tank had either stopped working or was cracked. The magnet on the back of Greg’s phone that holds it on the dashboard was the ticket that got the generator working again and slipped the switch back into the right location. We are now good as gold and have a fully working RV again.

10 hours of driving seemed extremely daunting two days ago but honestly seemed like a piece of cake. The kids spent most of the day jamming out to their favorite songs on repeat, making bracelets, coloring, naps, and constantly asking me where things were. There was one slight mishap where Addy tried to do a hairwrap on Maggie and it didn’t go well. I found scissors and a ball of hair and no one had a hairwrap in their hair at the end of the day. Today I am supposed to teach Addy how to french braid. Lets hope Maggie is a willing hair model and lets Addy practice.

The roads are much smoother now and we aren’t being bounced all over the place (dramamine was key for myself and Mags yesterday as our tummies were doing a few flip flops). The kids seemed to have really settled in today and know where to find stuff now so I get a little break from helping them and can enjoy watching the landscape change out the window, enjoy the silence, and think.

Greg is a driving rockstar and as much as I said I would help with the drive once we got out to Kansas I think he has got it handled. I mean don’t you think I should let him say he drove all 6,000 miles or so??

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