Goals for 2015

January 01, 2015

  • Run a 10k
  • Read 23 or more books
  • Do a duathlon
  • Volunteer once a month
  • Call my sisters at least once a week
  • Design and plant a garden
  • Prepare meals 3x a week
  • Bake an apple pie from scratch

I am writing down my goals kinda late this year. Might be due to the 7.5 month old that is babbling/screaming in front of me or the 2 year old that keeps me busy. Namaste. So here it goes, my goals.

Run a 10k. My hope is to do this in April where there is a 10k near us that is all down hill. The one saving grace of it all. Yes, its the middle of February and I haven’t started training, eeks. I would love to accomplish this goal in April but if I do it later in the year thats cool too as long as I do it. The biggest motivator for this goal is I turn 30 in September and saying I did a 10k before 30 would be neat.

Read 23 books. I actually kept tabs last year on how many books I read and I rated each one. I am a nerd. I think it comes from being married to a nerd. It kinda rubs off. I have read two great books so far. The crazy part is they have both been around 400 pages. I guess the key to a good book is quantity. Working on a third book now but the book seems to fall asleep with me more often than I get to read it at the end of the day. Last year I read 19 books and had a very demanding colicky baby. I hope I can meet the goal of 23 and surpass it.

Do a duathlon!!!! This might be my most exciting goal thus far. My husband and good friend (probably the only two who will read this) did one at the beach last year. Not only was the race inspiring but watching them train and become dedicated to the goal was touching. Watching them finish gave me tears in my eyes and I can’t wait to say “I did it!!” I am hoping to compete in a short sprint duathlon in June. Its a 2 mile run, 10mile bike, 3.5 mile run. Cross your fingers I get it done.

Volunteer once a month. This sounds easy but I don’t find it to be. I volunteered at my daughters school this past month so maybe that counts. You either had to volunteer or pay a fee. I volunteered. Maybe I am on the right track. If you can think of a noble cause send it my way. I need the help.

Call my sisters once a week. I usually speak with them about twice a week but thats through skype/facetime with our kids climbing on us and chatting very loudly in our ears. If we are lucky we can actually get one complete thought in and the other person can hear us. I thoroughly enjoy speaking with them and I need to make the effort to have those moments as we all progress through the same journeys of motherhood, marriage, and careers together.

Design and plant a garden. This is my goal but there is no way I can accomplish this by myself. So, Gregory…. We have big plans and hopefully with the cooperation of our children and long nap times we can complete this goal. Maybe by the end of the year our gardens will be the talk of our neighbors.

Prepare meals 3x a week. I have been getting into cooking more and more and actually enjoying it. As I mentioned earlier, long nap times from kids helps with meal planning and prep. I am trying new things and not succeeding every time but at least i can say I tried it. Having a home cooked meal is so special to me that I hope my children and picky eater husband come to like my cooking this year.

Bake an apple pie from scratch. This is a silly goal that I threw in there to be a bit more specific. I want to challenge myself as a baker this year. I am always amazed at some of the things people can create and I thought this would be neat since I can see it thru from the beginning to the end. Going to the orchard to pick out our own apples would be an adventure. Hopefully we have some happy apple pie eaters in this house.

Writing these goals down has inspired me to brainstorm a few more. Hopefully my writing won’t be so sporadic aka my son will actually nap and I can keep you up to date on what I have thought of and accomplished. Gotta hold myself accountable somehow.

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