Home At Last

May 12, 2012

Home…At last. Greg and I arrived home last night around 10:30, an hour later than we were supposed to, and we were so thankful to see our bed. I had been dreaming of my bed since we got to London, Heathrow and I knew that the end would be in sight. As a matter of fact, I missed it so much I am writing this blog from my bed.

We had started our journey shortly after waking in Sitges, Spain on Sunday morning at 2am US time. We then somberly packed our bags with the realization that our vacation had come to an end. We were both very happy to be leaving but also a little sad because we had come to a point in our journey where we were actually relaxing and doing nothing. I was most content with my book, bathing suit on, and bright sunshine over my head and Greg with a book of some sort. We were dropped off at the airport by Neil and Sue, our amazing tour guides and, at this point, our surrogate aunt and uncle as they wished us farewell.

Flying from Barcelona to London was the next step, and I admit I was worried. I was crossing my fingers and praying that Greg wouldn’t have any problems and to my surprise he did great! He almost appeared happy and excited to get on the plane. Must be because we were going home. Then we were faced with the long transatlantic flight back to Baltimore. I think I was more of a mess towards the end of the flight than Greg ever was. I thought an hour into the flight it would be a good idea to have a mini bottle of wine. Bad idea. I was too afraid to get up to the bathroom with the turbulence so I was in slight agony for the remaining 6.5 hours. Towards the end it felt like we would never land as we circled around Baltimore twice due to large thunderstorms and I felt trapped in my seat. I realized I could never have a desk job.

We landed and ran to my parents who were so adorably waiting eagerly for us to arrive. My mother of course commented first on my tan. Always a beach girl like me. It was then home where we forgot how good it felt to be in your own place. I do believe I landed face down on our bed because at this point it felt like 4am for us and I didn’t move. I did wake up with a huge smile on my face as I realized where I was and will be for the next few weeks until I am back at the beach again.

Like I said before, a two week vacation sounds amazing but I think next time I might just want to sit on a beach for two weeks and contemplate life. I did enjoy all the sights of Milan, the Italian Riviera, the French Riviera, Monaco, the French countryside, and the Spanish beaches but I know my heart will always remain at home here in Maryland and Bethany Beach.

I can’t speak for Greg, but I think he feels the same way. He is so happy to have the internet back and feel connected to the world again. I spent my first day walking around the house in a daze thinking “I like being home” and playing in the front yard planting flowers and enjoying the humidity of this area. Such homebodies we are. I also spent half the day chuckling to myself as I noticed many things we do or have that are very “American”. I drove my big SUV around, washed clothes in my large washer and dried them in the dryer as opposed to drying them outside. I opened my huge refrigerator and found food inside thanks to my great mother-in-law and showered with a shower head above my head. I watched t.v. on my large television and sat on our very cushy couch. Oh, and I was able to use my phone again after two weeks of having it switched off due to roaming fees. I almost forgot how to use it.

As much as I miss waking up to the church bells in Italy or the roosters crowing in France I still really like home. I have amazing memories shared with my husband and friends and I couldn’t ask for more.

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