Checkpoint for 2017 Goals

July 04, 2017

Its just over the halfway point for the year, which is crazy, and I need to checkin to my goals list so I can make sure I have accomplished something.

First on the list was run a 5k in 30 mins or less. Done. I have been crushing it in the running department lately and it is so invigorating to see how and what my body can do. Honestly though, the transformation of my body since having my third child has been amazing. Not sure if running, diet, and biking is the reason or the combination but it is incredibly inspiring and certainly keeps me going.

Read 27 books in a year….not gonna happen. As you know I have three kids and at the end of the day I am beat. That is the only time I get to read and when my head hits the pillow I usually only last about half a page. So yeah, maybe next year.

Reorganize my sun garden. I am not sure how to state if I accomplished this or not. I did manage to separate some of my plants and weed but I cant say its not exactly where I want it. I started a new garden and totally reorganized another garden. So my efforts were spread in a different direction and I can say I am happy with the results so far. A few more months left to finish moving things around and I might get to check this one off the list.

Take the kids to Church 2x/ a month or more. Honestly, I am so happy when we do go but getting the motivation in our busy weekends is tough. I have a feeling come September when I have kids attending a Catholic School it will be much more ingrained in our psyche or so I hope.

Find a job. The interesting part is I just renewed my nursing license for another two years. Not sure what that means but I really do hope to find a job soon. I have said this before but I believe I would be a better and more understanding mother if I got out of the house for one day a week and really used my brain. I do want to get my children settled in school this September before I start something that takes me out of the house. On another note, my very creative husband has really started to get innovative and wants to create a few businesses that are internet based. He has inspired me to start a blog or something like that where I can express myself and hopefully help/inspire other people. I guess you could say this is almost like a secondary goal. I have been trying to plan some time during the day, maybe everyday, where I can get creative and do this. Time where I can ignore the piles of laundry on the floor, dishes in the sink, and other items I seem to always do instead.

Lift weights/join a gym. DONE and its my favorite thing so far. Thank you Gregory. I say thanks to my husband because I could never do this without his support to watch the kids, teach me how to lift weights, make a workout plan for me, and push me to my limit. I feel so empowered at the gym and carving out time to push myself and time to think is amazing. Certainly recharges my batteries as a momma of 3.

A goal that stems off of the previous was going to the gym 3x a week. Pretty sure this has happened for the most part and I am pretty pleased. Once the school year starts I hope to develop a designated gym schedule and really stick to it. I have become obsessed with spin class and that is major motivation to get to the gym on specific days.

Spend 2 weeks at the beach in the Summer. DONE!! This is proving to be a pretty epic summer. My husband has taken off more time from work in the past and we have been enjoying some serious family time. A huge blessing in this busy world. We have learned how to balance life and vacation at the same time and I think this might be the new norm for our future Summers.

Potty train Eric. It starts today. I have been planning for this week for a few months now. I knew it had to be warm out, so we could be outside, and no plans to be anywhere. Plus a little bit of interest in it and it should go a long way. Wish me luck.

Visit Abbie and Megan in their cities. I took the girls to Amherst with me and flying was pretty successful but we haven’t been to North Carolina yet. Still hoping to do that this fall.

Learn to really ride a bike. DONE. Seriously this might be my new passion. Greg bought me a road bike for Mothers Day and I am hooked. I went from being super nervous to ride just a normal bike to now rocking a road bike. I have my bike at the beach for the summer where I have been taking it on the highway over the Indian River Inlet bridge and down to Ocean City. I am training for the Bethany Beach Duathlon in September, my next goal, and biking is a huge portion of the race so I am determined to become pretty proficient in this. In regards to the race, I am signing up this week! I can’t believe it. The part that gets me going through all of this training is the image of seeing my sweet family cheering me on from the sidelines and that feeling of “I can’t believe I am doing this!”.

As for my last goal, to write in a journal. Yeah thats not happening. I honestly don’t have time for it with my three kids and priorities of reading before bed have risen higher on the chart. I have found that I wanted to write in a journal so I could get my thoughts out and really just explore myself. Spending time at the gym has allowed me to do this and journaling just isn’t for me right now. Maybe next year.

Check in with you again in a few months and boy do I hope we can cross that potty training goal off our list.

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