My Life As a Stay At Home Mommy

February 21, 2017

This is pretty much my everyday. Two kids sitting and eating breakfast and the third in the distance screaming because she has been forgotten. What you don’t hear is me begging them to eat because they have already spilled their first bowl of cereal and them crying because they can’t see the back of their cereal box. In the moment I was running my hands through my hair, standing up and eating my cereal and desperately waiting for my cup of coffee to be ready. Somehow the sun must have shone just right and made me look at this situation in a “different light”. I managed to snap this picture and look at the beauty of the moment through the chaos.

My kids are beautiful. Tears, fights, screaming fits, smiles, laughter, and all. They have certainly defined who I am in my 31st year. I am their chauffeur, stylist, chef, hand holder, butt wiper, and hopefully best friend. The days are very long but when you have that moment of sweet joy you realize the past 10 hours were worth those 5 minutes of sweetness.

I am a stay at home mom who takes kids to school, runs errands, manages a house, and spends a whole lot of time trying to keep the peace and share the love with everyone.

I couldn’t be more blessed that my husband lets me have these moments. I try to send him many pictures of our children through the day. The good pictures and the bad. Unfortunately he tends to get home and I am begging for a glass of wine and 5 minutes to myself. I need to focus more on moments like this picture above. Kids grow up too fast and I know in 5 years I am going to miss having a newborn and two other sweet kids who still like to sit on my lap and hold my hand.


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