Spinning Out Of Control

February 17, 2017

Its been two months and I think I might have the whole “mom of three” thing down…barely. I find myself yelling a bit more and honestly just ignoring a lot of the fighting, hair pulling, and head butting that goes on. My house is even more disgusting than it was before but life goes on and we have to find our rhythm.

I have finally found my rhythm through the help and serious encouragement from my husband. Thank you Greg. He helped me to find the gym and develop a good relationship with it. The gym has been such a quiet place and total stress reliever for me. When I go there I feel like I have some time for myself. Time where no one is touching me or talking to me and I actually have to complete the thoughts in my head… by myself! An astonishing revelation.

I had no idea lifting weights could be so empowering when you are doing it in a gym setting instead of your own living room. I am learning new things like squatting with a bar and I even tried to bench press. Never in a million years would I have tried that. I am doing different workouts..a lot of squats and even breaking a sweat. I love it!

I also discovered spinning and it is pretty awesome. Its a class format so the teacher is very motivating and you can also push yourself. Talk about breaking a sweat. I hope to really stick with it as it will help me prepare for the Duathlon in September.

Fitness Report:

  • Lost 3 lbs in 3.5 weeks
  • Plank for 40 seconds
  • Squat 55lbs
  • Spin for 1 hour

Goals for next 4 weeks:

  • Continue to lose weight primarily through diet (water, no sweets, less carbs) Lose 2 more lbs
  • Plank for 50 seconds
  • Squat 60lbs
  • Spin class once a week

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