2017 Goals

January 01, 2017

  • Run a 5k in 30min or less
  • Read 27 books in a year
  • Reorganize sun garden
  • Take kids to church 2x/month or more
  • Find a job
  • Lift weights/Join a gym
  • Gym 3x/week
  • Spend 2 weeks at the beach in the summer
  • Potty train Eric
  • Visit Amherst
  • Visit Abbie in NC
  • Learn to really ride a bike
  • Start and finish Bethany Beach Duathlon
  • Write in a journal

What a year 2016 has been! We just had a baby and I spent most of the year being pregnant, exhausted, and just trying to keep it all together. I can’t wait to start anew in a few weeks once we have mastered three kids and I can start working out again.

My biggest goal of 2017 and the one I am most excited for would have to be all things associated with working out. I can’t wait to feel good about myself, look better, and feel healthier. Hopefully my husband will do it with me and make it easier and more exciting. I can’t believe I am saying I am going to do the Duathlon but I put it out there so it means I have to at least try.

Secondly, I can’t wait to get out in our gardens this spring and summer and play with different plants and arrangements. I sincerely hope little Miss Maggie lets me do this. I have loved learning through trial and error what works and what doesn’t around our house to make it so pretty.

Read 27 books sounds like alot but I very almost accomplished that this past year. I read 25 books but the majority of which were over 300 pages and 6 of them were about 600pages. So all in all I think 27 sounds like a very reasonable goal assuming my kids don’t continue to exhaust me to the point of I read and reread the same page every night before I pass out.

Learn to ride a bike…Thats a silly goal, right? Not for me. Every person has some irrational fear. Yep, its kind of mine. I can ride a bike but I get very nervous when the road narrows or another biker comes near me. I just feel very out of control. If I am going to do the duathlon this September this is something I need to learn. I think maybe Addy and I can learn together. Greg is a pretty accomplished biker so he doesn’t totally understand this but hopefully he can help me through it.

I want to visit my sister in Massachusetts this year. I haven’t been since I was pregnant with Eric and its always fun to get out and see new things and see where people you care about live. This means a 6-7hr road trip with three kids. Somewhat terrifying and I sincerely hope I can coax my mom into it with me.

Find a job might be the goal that I am most nervous for. I really want to get back into the working world and use my brain in a different capacity. I am very excited to start a new adventure but am most nervous for the change in pace/lifestyle. Having a new baby means another sense of connection to home and kids for me so the idea of leaving them two days a week is tough but it is something that is necessary for all 5 of us.

Well, here is to 2017 and a positive attitude and drive on completing some or all of these goals. Best of luck to the rest of you out there as you make your list as well.

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