The Adventure Continues

June 26, 2016

Sitting in a sun warmed chair with no one to hear my thoughts but 2000 olive trees blowing gently in the breeze. That was my afternoon yesterday as I finished up some delicious olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting. Our day started with some serious relaxation by the pool. I had to take note that I haven’t shut my eyes at a pool or beach in 4 years. It was so delightful to not hear any kids screaming or be worrying about where they were going to run off to next. After we were sun kissed we headed off to some wine tasting. I lent my car to Andrew and Pat who had to test out the engine to make sure the car was worthy. Good thing I wasn’t there but very happy they got the ten minutes of glory that the car gave them. Wine tasting and a wonderful outdoor lunch followed to fill our bellies and then the olive oil tasting. Olive oil tasting was different. They gave us cups of olive oil to literally take “like a shot” and then it was paired with different foods such as gelato, chicken, and cheese. After this fun foodie adventure we walked around the grounds and found peace once again. It is amazing how much you can hear when you don’t have little ones around. The big group went to another exclusive wine tasting at the family’s house that belongs to the Vineyard we are staying at. They said it was the best one yet and that Greg would have loved it and probably purchased them all. I went back to a quiet house and made brownies. YUM. Today is Napa Valley and the Silverado Trail today. It is going to be fun as always and hopefully I will get many great pictures for you all.

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