If you are Lucky Enough to Live at the Beach you are Lucky Enough

June 25, 2018

My lovely family of 5 is here at Bethany Beach for a quick getaway weekend to the beach. We are not here to sit on the beach, go to the rides, get ice cream, go to bandstand concerts…all things we do in the warm summer. We are here to recharge our batteries. To enjoy the small things in life. To enjoy each other and to see each other laugh.

We are amazingly lucky that we get to sneak down here and have a wonderful place to stay where it feels like home for us and the kids. Where we have routines and where our kids know their way around the town. This is something I need to remember in 24hrs time when I am waking up at home in Md and the week of school, errands, and the day to day survival of three kids is my norm.

And so after realizing how fortunate we are, I pledge to myself to be lucky enough to live. As Easter and Spring approaches and the symbolism of rebirth and new life occurs I am focusing on a change in attitude. I want to yell less, take every chance I can to meet up with friends, have quiet moments with my husband, and find myself lucky enough in more ways than one. I want to write these moments down and look back and remind myself how fortunate I am. Hopefully this helps me to appreciate the things I have and decrease my want for more. I want to be a good example to my children that we don’t need for much. We only need for fun times where we get to run around in the yard playing tag, painting pictures on the kitchen floor, cuddle sessions, and even dance parties.

One day Greg and I will be lucky enough to live at the beach and hopefully when that day comes we will recognize every little thing as the blessing it is

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