The New Year!

January 10, 2018 by Greg

It’s 2018 now and we’ve reached the low point of the year as far as beaching it goes. January and February are cold and lower, slower Delaware moves even slower. So we’ll be home in Maryland for a few weeks, staying warm in front of the fireplace.

We did get one last trip in though. We’ve decided to make New Year’s Eve a beach tradition, so we headed down during the holidays for a whole week! It was a frigid time; temps stayed stubbornly in the 20s or lower the whole time. But it was still fantastic. We tested the fireplace which worked wonderfully. We played games with our kids. We brought down our new-to-us 60” TV from my parents (thanks!). And generally, we just relaxed.

Most importantly, we invited some of our best friends down to share the time with us. They have 5 children and a dog, and we have 3 so this was a true test of the house and how well it can work with guests. I’m very happy to report that the house performed famously and everyone had a great time! 8 kids in one house is a lot, but nobody was on top of each other, bored, or otherwise going crazy. In the summer, with outdoor explorations, it will be 100x better.

So that’s probably it for a little while. We have some projects in mind for the spring already. Maureen is planning some new furniture projects - one of the items on her 2018 goals list! I have some home automation/security tasks to work on. In particular, I’m looking into setting up Action Tiles and getting everything tied into that. I’m also hoping to get a few more photography prints up in the house, and figure out a piece to put above the mantle.

Everyone is looking forward to March and warmer weather already. We’ve started trying to understand our summer schedule, and make sure we’re prepared for the chaos that will ensure when we’re going back and forth. (Figuring this out was one of my 2018 goals

Until then, enjoy the cold and snow!