Monaco to France

May 06, 2012

It seems that Greg has hijacked my blog and keeps adding pictures. He must think this blog is so “cool” and only wishes he started one just like it. We all know the truth is that he already has too many blogs and just can’t keep up with them.

Well, we are sitting here on our friend’s terrace in Villebazy, France and we honestly think it’s the best place we have traveled so far. I do miss my balcony in Italy but here it’s so quiet even the tapping of these keys seems like its disturbing the quiet of the night. Its about ten-“ish”, as we have become accustomed to saying now that we have been on vacation for over a week, and we are sitting out listening to the crickets. The sky is so dark that you can’t even see the stars. Only the crescent shaped moon has come out tonight and it is a beacon that splits through the dark.

Just yesterday we left the Italian Riviera and went to Monte Carlo, Monaco for lunch and a walk around the Grand Prix race track. The race track is amazing. Knowing that F1 cars are racing that close to the water and million dollar yachts at speeds of over 200mph around tight turns is nerve racking. But the glitz and glamour of the principality is also amazing. We pulled up to a garage, ditched the car and tried to pretend that we were some of the guests staying in the fancy hotels and were out for an afternoon stroll. Unfortunately my flip flops and bermuda shorts gave me away. They knew I didn’t belong here as I wasn’t toting the latest Gucci bag, shoes, and dress. I was fine with that as I was very comfortable.

We got stuck in front of a very posh hotel for ten minutes as all seven cars out front made Greg drool and wish that he would give anything for a five minute drive in one of them. He couldn’t decide whether he would drive the Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Audi R8, Pagani, McLaren SLR, or Ferrari F430. ( I asked him for the names because obviously I only remembered the first two). After a while, I was able to pull him away so we could walk to the docks and check out the multimillion dollar yachts that the rich and famous had piloted in for the Grand Prix in two weeks.

The boats were incredibly large. We saw one sailboat that was the same size as the Black Pearl in Pirates of the Caribbean and one that changed color with the heat and the color of the water. That one was named 007. Very fitting we thought. Check out the pictures for the full effect. I think you might see me standing in front of “my” boat.

We then carried on and ended up in Antibes, France where we spent the night. We quickly ran to the beach as the sun was starting to go down and I immediately assumed the proper beach position: on my back with my face turned up to the sun. I remember thinking to myself, “this is not Bethany beach”. I only noticed this when I realized I couldn’t eavesdrop on the neighboring group’s conversations since they were speaking French and many of the women seemed to be missing something from their bathing suits. I quickly shut my eyes and pretended I was there.

Today, we happened upon another French beach near Neil and Sue’s house in Villebazy. Narbonne Beach. It is the biggest beach I have ever seen and barely a single soul on it. The sand is so fine you want to immediately get down and “wallow” in it. The water was a tad cold and we only had two beach towels so we all cuddled together with our books and read for a few hours. Then it was time for an afternoon gelato and to finish our journey in France.

I will admit I was a little homesick as I really just wanted a normal American style shower, a nice cushy bed, a hamburger, and to order a meal in English. Tonight in France we are doing just that at our friends house. We arrived here this afternoon at about 3pm. We immediately poured some wine and have started some serious R&R. The wine comes by the liter for one euro straight from the vines we look at out our bedroom window. We had hamburgers for dinner and they have great beds here with amazing American style showers. I couldn’t be happier. Tomorrow we are going to just relax and enjoy the view and possibly do some sightseeing. Nothing too stressful.

I had to get back in touch with the real world today and schedule my next few weeks of work. I admit I am surprised I even remembered my passwords to login. I have a feeling going back to work could be interesting but I am assuming not much has changed.

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